The Danish Medical Orthoptic Society; in Danish – “Dansk Medicinsk Ortoptisk Forening” (DMOF) is an society formed by orthoptists and supporting ophthalmologists. At present there are 20 orthoptic members and approximately 100 ophthalmologists.

The society was founded on 23 April 1978, and has, since then, arranged annual meetings, often guested by an internationally renowned orthoptist or strabologist. We have also had joint meetings with the Danish Ophthalmological Society.

The society also aims to inform students about orthoptic training centres, and has been a member of the European Orthoptic Commitee (OCE) since 1989.

The title of orthoptist isn’t protected in Denmark. There is no orthoptic training centre in Denmark, so the orthoptists presently working in Denmark have received their training in England, Germany, or Sweden, where there is a joint Nordic training programme. During training, the students receive a grant from the government.

As an orthoptist, you can work in a hospital clinic or in a private ophthalmological practice. The working hours vary, but a full working week is 37 hours. You are entitled to 6 weeks holiday per year if employed full time.

In order to work in Denmark you can apply to an ophthalmological department, or directly to a practicing ophthalmologist. It is a great advantage if you can speak a Nordic language, although many Danes speak English.

The working prospects in Denmark should be good within the next 10 years as some of the orthoptists employed at present will soon be reaching retirement age.