Scandinavian orthoptic Association


The Scandinavian Orthoptic Association (SOA) was founded in 1982. The committee is made up of one representative each from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, plus our International Orthoptic Association (IOA) representative. Finland has an observing member. 

Orthoptists in Scandinavia work either for the national health service, or in private practice.

They may work in cooperation with ophthalmologists, or independently in their own clinics.

The orthoptists examine, diagnose and treat children with amblyopia (reduced/under stimulated vision), as well as children and adults with visual problems due to latent squint or neurological disorders. Some orthoptists provide assistance during squint surgery, and orthoptists are also involved in research.

SOA’s objective is:

-       to protect and promote the education of orthoptists

-       to organise opportunities for scientific and clinical professional development, and make this available to its members.

-       to monitor the advertisement and recruitment process for orthoptic posts advertised in Scandinavia

-       to ensure positive collaboration between all those involved in the discipline of orthoptics.

-       to arrange a Scandinavian Orthoptic Congress every other year.


Lone Mørch, Denmark

IOA representative

Sayed Larsen, Denmark

Board member

Lena S Herbring, Sweden

Jannicke Røe, Norway

Mikaela Höglund, Finland